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Everyday Heroes

We sincerely that everyone for your generous donations to “Everyday Heroes, Inc.”

Your generosity enables our veterans to be transported to and from the VA facilities in Houston for medical treatment, at no charge to them. The van runs 5 days a week and any veteran is eligible to ride. Since the program began we have transported over 13,000 veterans. There are many costs associated with the van program: purchasing the van, upkeep for the van, gasoline, insurance, drivers, tires, maintenance, etc.
We also provide electric wheelchairs to the veterans at no cost to them. If their home is not wheelchair accessible we provide the construction costs to update their home to accommodate the wheelchair.

All of the donations to “Everyday Heroes, Inc.” go directly to the program, there are no administrative costs associated with the program. Every dollar raised is used in some way for the benefit of the veterans.
We appreciate your donation and it is with the continued generosity of people like you that we can continue the van program and other services for our veterans. Thanks again for making a difference in the life of a veteran!

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  1. Rope says:

    You make thgins so clear. Thanks for taking the time!

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